Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update: War crimes and Kosovo, quid pro quo

The US and Bangladesh have yet another opportunity to advance their interests through cooperation. Though the two steps should have been taken unilaterally it appears that both countries are seeing each other in realist terms, necessitating that one take the first step forward. Washington, as the economic and political powerhouse, must concede the first step in order to promote a sense of goodwill with Dhaka. Moreover, the US initiating the first step would also be significant considering Dhaka's request, support for the 1971 War Crimes Trial, is much more significant to the internal stability of Bangladesh than Washington's is for the US, request of diplomatic recognition of Kosovo.

Yesterday, Bangladesh's Foreign Secretary indicated that Bangladesh did not perceive the diplomatic recognition of Kosovo to be necessary despite the US Ambassador's call for recognition for the former Yugoslavian state (Daily Star).

Though he noted that Dhaka wishes to maintain good relations with both Moscow and Washington. Bangla Nation thinks that this desire would easily be set aside for Washington's vocal support for the 1971 War Crimes Trial and most definitely for Washington bringing pressure on the Saudi Kingdom and Pakistan for ending their criticism of it.

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