Sunday, August 30, 2009

JMB seeking safety in remote border areas

Pressure on and insight into Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen's activities continues. Despite the number of significant successes against the group, the government must also initiate a drive into their past (or present) political and influential patrons. In addition, Delhi and Dhaka must be prepared to cooperate on the issue of trans-border governance and security. Addressing these two points will ensure that the JMB remains disorganized and will prevent, or at least introduce major obstacles to the emergence of, the rise of another militant organization, whether Islamist or not.

A full-time member (ehsar) of JMB was arrested in Patgram sub-district (Lalmonirhat) far to the north which borders West Bengal (Daily Star). Quoting intelligence sources, another report noted that members of JMB were reorganizing themselves in remote riparian islands (char) in the "northern districts." In addition, commanders had been assigned to some districts including to the unnamed "northern region

In addition to India and Bangladesh cooperation in policing/governing the border. A RAB source highlighted an area in which the US and UK could assist Bangladesh, equipment: "the far-flung chars are considered a safe haven for the militants as it takes the law enforcers hours to reach such places, thus giving the terrorists time to evade arrest" (New Nation).

Perhaps London and Washington will consider selling Bangladesh some helicopters? This won't happen as long as the political patrons remain above the law.

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