Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update: Army Pullout Protested, Halted

Two weeks of the Army's pullout of one brigade and a number of camps in the Chittagong Hill Tracts has been paused until the 19th of August. The pullout should continue despite protests from the Bengali settler community in the CHT. The High Court is taking a conservative approach to limit the anger of the Bengali settlers; thus hopefully quelling any notion that a more violent program should be followed.

The High Court ordered a halt to the pullout, lasting from 16 August until 19 August (Daily Star). Concurrently, the Parbattya Bangalee Chhatra Parishad and Parbattya Chattagram Sama-Adhikar Andolan, two Bengali settler organizations in the CHT held a half-day strike in Langadu sub-district, Rangamati. All shops and educational institutions were closed and police were on hand to prevent any untoward events (Daily Star).

The settlers should realize that the police are there to not only protect the CHT local but them as well. Hence their presence to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

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