Saturday, April 16, 2011

The simplest comment betrays great wisdom.

Remember the terrorist Siddiqul Islam? You know the - JMB/JMJB guy. He was often called "Bangla Bhai" (brother of Bengal, Bengali brother, friend of Bengal, and so on). In a letter to the Daily Star's editor, somewhat asked that he not be referred to as such: "How can we call a terrorist by our country name?"

Very good point. Sure, we all knew him as such, but to have continually referred to in the media and official discourse as "Bangla Bhai"... almost as if he was a friend with a bad streak. In a way, calling him a friend or brother of the country legitimizes his heinous activities which included murder. Would anyone dream of calling a Razakar "Bangla Bhai"? Of course not.

The Daily Star, 27 January 2006

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